Andrew Lazar

Instructor of Mathematics

Modesto Junior College


About Me

Welcome! I am an applied mathematician by training and my passion is teaching mathematics. I grew up in Turlock, CA, a small town in California's Central Valley. I have been lucky to have had many amazing mathematics professors and teachers who inspired me to become an instructor. I attended college at Modesto Junior College (MJC) and transferred to California State University, Stanislaus (CSUS) where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2019. 

I earned my Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Merced in 2021. At UC Merced my research work was in computational genomics. My master's thesis is entitled, "Novel Structural Variant Detection Through Relatedness with Negative Binomial Optimization" and was completed under the advising of Dr. Roummel Marcia. 

During my undergraduate years I worked as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for mathematics courses at MJC and CSUS. In this role, my passion for teaching and mentoring students was fostered. My experience as an SI Leader helped immensely as a Teaching Assistant in graduate school. My goal in the math classroom is to create an engaging, positive, and exciting environment.

Currently, I am a tenure-track Instructor of Mathematics at Modesto Junior College. Prior to that, I was a full-time Instructor of Mathematics at De Anza College where I also worked in the Math Performance Success Program. I am passionate about supporting students in and out of the classroom. I am often teaching co-requisite support courses in Statistics. I also teach Calculus, Precalculus, and College Algebra. 

Outside of school my interests vary.  I am an avid cook and am always excited to try new recipes. I enjoy hiking, traveling, trips to the beach, and being with my family. I have an eclectic taste in music and always like to hear recommendations from others. Finally, I love a great cup of coffee!