Fun Math

Math is fun! On this page you will find links/videos from other creators that I find really interesting and fun. I hope you enjoy!

Math Jokes - One of the many joys I find in my profession is being able to tell math jokes frequently. I had a professor who used to tell one before we took an exam and this is a tradition I have adopted in my classes. Yes, there are some very cheesy jokes out there, but even those make you chuckle. Here is a list of math jokes I often find myself telling to students.

Vi Hart - A content creator on YouTube, their channel has a lot of fun math content. Here is a video I really enjoy about the Fibonacci sequence.

Math Magic Tricks - Have you ever had someone think of a number and ask you to do a bunch of arithmetic in your head? No, only me. Well here is a link to some math "magic" tricks to try with your friends and family.