Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is comprised of three primary elements.

  1. Active Learning - My classes are structured with active learning in mind. Students are not simply listening to me lecture, but are actually involved in the lecture. I incorporate this learning style by gaining student input in problems, dedicating a portion of the class period to group work, and encouraging students to critically think about the work they are doing when completing assignments.

  2. Community and Inclusivity - I understand for many people the math classroom can be an intimidating place. My classroom is designed to be an inclusive, safe environment where students are encouraged to ask questions freely, grow, and achieve excellence. I build community in my courses by making an effort to get to know my students beyond their name on a roster. On most days I am about 10 minutes early to class, this time is dedicated for questions or small talk amongst students. My classroom is based in an ethic of kindness. There is no such thing as a "silly question" in my class. I want my class to be a positive, uplifting place where students will succeed.

  3. Technology - I incorporate technology into my classes because it diversifies the exposure to material for students. I find visualization tools such as Desmos graphing calculator or GeoGebra graphing calculator (great for 3D surfaces) help students better interact with the material. Other software that I have past experience using are StatCrunch and Excel for Statistics lab assignments. In my opinion, incorporating technology is essential for student's future work in their education and career.